Yog-sadhana shared at Shanti-Mandir is ‘Classical Yog-sadhana’. It is also called ‘Abhijaat Yog-sadhana’. This yog-sadhana is a revelation of Dr. Samprasad Vinod. Various elements classical texts of ‘Patanjal-YogDarshan’ by Bhagwan Patanjali are blended into this yog-sadhana.

‘Abhijaat Yog-sadhana’ has ability to transform the individual by bringing inner balance and poise when practiced regularly. It comprises of meditation, asanas, pranayama, omkar chanting and prayer. All actions are performed while preserving the meditative state. Physical well-being is a natural outcome of practice of ‘Abhijaat Yog-sadhana’.


Regular practice helps in percolating the yoga in daily life of the practitioner. It helps in shifting from the reactionary nature to the responding nature.