Dr. Samprasad Vinod started the activity of ‘Atmabodh Sadhana’ in 2008. As sadhak practices ‘Abhijaat Yog-sadhana’, clarity on various aspects of sadhana becomes necessary so as to percolate the sadhana in daily life. Conceptual clarity is also important many a times so as to make sure that sadhak draws the correct understanding of his/her experiences over the time. ‘Atmabodh Sadhana’ supplements ‘Abhijaat Yog-sadhana’ in this respect.


‘Atmabodh Sadhana’ is a series of discourses which throws light on various parts of sadhana, relating that to daily lives. Experiential understanding remains the main focus and the sadhaks are encouraged to understand various deeper concepts in perspective with their lives and experiences.