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History of Shanti Mandir

Dr. Samprasad Vinod is blessed with rich spiritual heritage form his father Maharshi Nyayratna Dhundiraj-shastri Vinod and his mother Maitreyee Vinod.

Maharshi Nyayratna Vinod founded Shanti-Mandir in the middle of last century. He was a great spiritual master, yogi, dnyani, Sanskrit pundit and eloquent author as well as speaker. Young Samprasad keenly observed his father during his teens and understood that wisdom of his father cannot be merely understood through words. It needs to be brought into the life by actually realizing it.

Dr. Samprasad Vinod’s experience of ‘Nirvikalp Samadhi’ came only after passing away of Maharshi Vinod. That led to his own research into various tools and techniques of meditations and yog-sadhana.

Dr. Samprasad Vinod was revealed with ‘Shavasan Dhyan’ as a meditation tool. This tool is easy to practice to any person of any age and also the people with any disabilities. Classical Yog Sadhana shared by Dr. Vinod is completely based on Bhagwan Patanjali’s Patanjal-Yogdarshan.

For last forty years, Dr. Vinod has shared the classical yog-sadhana with thousands of people.

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